Learn about the Rsi American Academy of Education:
educational services

Educational / learning services

The Rsi American Academy courses in 400 titles, in forms:

On-site training services (400 courses / workshops with coordinating at the applicant's place)
General Educational Services (offering 89 courses / workshops for scheduled trainings at class locations
US Rsi academy)
Virtual Educational Services (Providing 53 virtual courses / seminars on the Web)
Educational training services (providing training courses with relevant permissions)
Professional certification services based on educational packages
Seminar services, round tables and specialized conferences

Services for the promotion of individual knowledge and empowerment

And in 12 educational groups:

Environment and Social Responsibility
Safety and professional health
Food and biological resources
Information Technology
Accreditation systems
Engineering, Technical and Inspection
Health and medical equipment
General Management and Excellence
General Management System

Honored learners.
In addition to the above-mentioned training groups, the requested domains are provided through

Design and development of technical training and expertise based on the needs of applicants
Provide educational services in specialties through business partners

In this way, organizations and individuals will find the maximum expectations of their learning needs in the US college of Rsi.


Improvement of organization performance

Provision of management services and implementation of organizational performance improvement projects by the Rsi-American Academy are planned and presented in the following areas:

Comprehensive organizational planning
Comprehensive organizational planning framework for customer satisfaction and achievement of reliable results, in close interaction with senior executives and leaders towards strategies and programming by the high level organization of comprehensive organizational planning projects in strategic planning topics, assessment methodology Balanced and operational planning is defined and performed.


Major services in the field of corporate excellence include:

Providing consulting services in the field of national awards:
Within the framework of these services, comprehensive solutions will be offered to organizations and full complementation of all necessary steps in the direction of excellence of the organization. These services include:
Self-assessment consulting services
Self-assessment services based on the model of maturity of Phillips processes
Improve the process structure of the company using the RCF model of the American APQC Institute
Organizational Excellence

Self-assessment based on the EFQM Enterprise Excellence Model
Compilation of Declaration of Level of Commitment to Excellence, Commendation of Excellence and Statues of Excellence
Coordination and advice for participating in the evaluation process of the EFQM at the RFE level in Europe
Designing packages to improve the level of organizational excellence by performing improvement projects

HSE management and risk

Identify and analyze HSE hazards and risk assessment
Conduct business risk management projects based on international standards
HSE Strategic Planning
Design of HSE Performance Evaluation Systems
Design and deployment of capital integration and change management systems
Designing the HSE Project Management System

Performance engineering

Process Reengineering (BPR)
Lean production
Total Productive Maintenance (TPM)
5S adornment system
Logistics Logistics Planning
Quality engineering techniques such as FMEA, QFD, SPC and ...
Preparing Accreditation
The field of laboratory services aimed at providing services to laboratories for the development, promotion and delivery of services at the level of international standards and requirements since the beginning of the activity of the Iran-Germany Touffle Academy, has provided its services in accordance with the expertise and experience available in connection with The following topics have been presented and have implemented several projects in this regard for research organizations and research centers:
Training and advice for deploying ISO / IEC 17025 in laboratories
Training and advice for the deployment of ISO 15189 standards in medical diagnostic laboratories
Training and advice for ISO / IEC 17020 standard deployment in inspection companies or inspection and quality control units in large industries
Lab design and consulting and supervision in the manufacture of laboratories

Six sigma

The Six Sigma Specialist Field at the RSI Academy, with its experienced staff and with the help of foreign partner companies, has been able to produce remarkable results for its employers in its executed projects. This area has good performance readiness for implementing Six Sigma projects in different classes.
The Academy has provided the necessary tools for the proper provision of these services.

The Institute provides regular annual programs for Benchmarking in a variety of specialized fields.
Value engineering and productivity

Hold courses and seminars related to productivity, value engineering and lean manufacturing
Establishment of the efficiency cycle
Implementing Value Engineering Projects

Human resources management

Establishing a system of educational measurement requirements based on internationally recognized models
Advisory services to promote the culture of teamwork using the Belbin method.
Promoting teamwork culture by employing Denison's method.
Culture and education services
Identify and improve personal leadership style using well-known leadership development models such as LSI American Institute of Human Synergistic
Investment ROI Measurement Advice ROI Institutional and HR (ROI in Education)
Organizational Design and Development
Advice on career path development and successor development
Complication of educational and upgrade system
Development and presentation of complication services Improved performance according to customers' needs

In order to accompany organizations in advancing their strategies and goals in today's turbulent business environment, the RSI Academy is able to provide, implement and support a variety of solutions for organizations through its existing organizational knowledge. Special attention will be paid to the provision of these services in the interests of non-conflict with other services and parts of the RSI Group

our services
The titles of services offered are as follows:

Certification Services Certification Services

Auditing and certification of the general standards of management system
Auditing and certification of the standards of the management system and specialized
Audit and Certification of Standards Support / Management System Guide
Assessment and approval of individual reference competencies for individuals
Secondary audit / evaluation
Audit of Service Standards

Technical Inspection Services Technical Inspection Services

Technical inspection projects
Inspection of transportation equipment
Product Conformity Assessment Product Compliance
CNG-related inspections
Compliance Assessment in the Automotive Industry Homologation
Inspection of building quality
Inspection related to retrofitting and refurbishment
Safety assessment and technical analysis of buildings and structures
Quality Inspection for Building Insurance
Superior supervision and workshop
Industrial Industrial Services Services

Asset Integrity Management-AIM Asset Management
Dependability Management Trust Management
Management / Evaluation / Risk Engineering
Audit / Inspection / Energy Engineering
Environment / Industrial Ecology / Green Engineering / Renewable Energy
Rail technology
Manage plans and projects

Mining Engineering & Technology Mining Engineering & Technology

Technical Advice / Mining Engineering
Feasibility study
Closing and restoring the mine
Inspection of the mine
Mineral processing

Information Technology Information Technology

Information Security Assessment
Payment security
Quality assessment of information technology